ManuBada Island
ManuBada Island

(I write to for you, that you may overcome the spirit of depression which the LORD revealed is one of the chief evil spirits that is destroying many lives). God shall perform every word He has promised and He shall pour out His Spirit upon all flesh to revive us (Acts 2:18)

I will get there. Heaven is counting on me because heaven knows what is planted inside of me (Jeremiah 1:4-10).

Heaven knows what I am made for and what my purpose is. Heaven will rejoice to see everything God has purposed to be fulfilled in my life. I will there for my brothers and my sisters, for my father and my mother, and for my children and for all those that love me. I will get there because it is my HEART which I care for the most and my heart must serve the God who created it. This is its Will and my prerogative to make sure God’s purpose is served for my heart.

My heart is not my own but its owner is God and I must give it that place of honour and let it rise like a mighty eagle, it must rise strong like the sun with healing in its wings and it must send forth Hope like a breath of fresh air through the Spirit of God to many generations. Yes it must release the winds of inspiration to the ends of the earth wherever the LORD has called it to. For the essence of Inspiration and blessing that pour out from the Heart cannot be compared to wine, gold, silver or anything. The HEART is a vessel of Gold and it was not just meant for me alone but to fulfil the needs of others; yes it was made to bless others. I was called to fulfil my Father’s Will and not my own. I was called to serve human kind and to serve with LOVE, for LOVE is the mark of my God and King, whom I love and honour and HE is my life’s worth. There is no greater reward than the Father’s Love for me. (Isaiah 43:6/Isaiah 60)

He has seen my cry and He has known all my needs for He is my heart’s Keeper and the Shepherd of my soul. So you see, this is really my letter of love and honour to Him because He is my Father and my Best Friend. And Just as He had lain is life for me so will I lay mine down for Him. “I love you my LORD JESUS”.

I will rise and be strong and pursue my dreams and the vision given to me. I will serve the LORD GOD with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. God has given me the passion and the zeal to fulfil my calling. I will cross that river and reach my destiny. I will never give up because I was born to be an inspiration to many generations. I will fulfil my destiny and my calling because my Father who loves me will let me reach my destiny. He will lead me to the end and then receive me Home to himself once I have finished running the race and have finally completed my task to bless in this life; for I was called to be a blessing and to be a messenger of Hope and Peace for my God-King. (Joshua 22:4-5)

I will get through the night and make it through to the other side. My name is written in my Father’s Book of Faith and I am called to serve in Faith. Blessed are those whose names are written in the Book of Honour, the Book of the Man of Faith, and also called the Book of the Righteous. It is a pleasing record before our God and its accounts are sweet before our God forever. AMEN! The AMEN has set his love upon all those that are written in the BOOK of FAITH and their honour is forever for no one will ever take that crown of honour and glory from them. They shall surely rule and reign with Christ forever. (Ephesians 4:13/Hebrew 10 & 11)

In the heart of Adonai is the Cross of LOVE for us and His record is His Spirit of Testimony in us to declare that He loves us dearly. Adonai says, “You can reach your dream. Just believe that you will get there and I will guide you all the way there. I will send my Word with you and before you and set my Angels about you to watch you because my Spirit is upon you and My Word is with you in your mouth and in your heart. I say to you my son and my daughter that YOU WILL GET THERE WITH ME BY YOUR SIDE, and I will rejoice with you and you with me in my Courts. My joy shall fill your hearts and overflow out of you like sweet honey from the honey-comb; like fresh healing waterfalls of life springing forth to declare your victory. The heavens also will chant my victory song of praise that my saints, the children of my heart have come home to me. I will hold a great feast for you to honour you. I have named each of you one by one and I will honour each of you with my own honour. (Revelations 19:5-9)

That’s why I said to you for your sake that you will drink of me and eat of me and never go hungry again and I will be your God and you will be my people forever. The AMEN has spoken it. The GREAT I AM has declared it and the Heavens have heard and stand in agreement to my WORD for it shall be performed to the GLORY OF MY HOLY NAME! And the glory of my name shall be forever as it has remained always before, it shall always be an anchor for you and a shield for you for all eternity and then shall you know my love because my love shall be made perfect in you and you shall worship me in Spirit, in Truth, in Holiness and LOVE and you shall dwell in my peace forever. I shall let you drink of the waters of life and no one will take that right from you for it is your inheritance from me your Father. For I am your First and Your Last, your Alpha and Omega and my Judgement will stand true for you to be yours forever, for you are my highly favoured because you are my man and woman of faith. (John 4:10-14/Exodus 6:7/Romans 8:31/Revelations 5:6-14)

I command you to win the race of faith and overcome every battle not by obligation but by destiny because you were born for great things and called for great things both in this life and in the next life. For you are a holy people to me forever. (Hebrew 12:1-2)

And for the days you spent in faith in me shall never be forgotten and I shall reward you with a glorious reward that will rejoice your heart and bring you great joy forever. You are the seed of my revival, the seed of my Son Jesus Christ, sanctified by His blood and chosen to reap the harvest of blessing. (Psalms 37:4/John 15:7-14)

The man and woman of faith shall carry the Truth in them as a light for all mankind. This light is meant for all mankind to show them the way to the Father’s heart. (Proverbs 4:18/Matthew 5:14-15)

For this cause were you born to be a blessing to all; to be the light of the world; to bring a smile to your brother, your sister, your mother and father, to your children, to your wife or husband, to your loved ones, and to all people. The way God honours faith is indescribable. Oh rejoice you man and woman of faith for you have the greatest reward before God and your heart shall be filled and be complete before your God.

Just as Jesus the Author and Finisher of my Faith made an eternal mark in History that cannot be erased by even the devil, He Jesus also calls me to make my mark in History. He calls me to also carry my Cross of honour and follow Him. He speaks to my heart that His yoke is light and His presence is filled with pure humility and peacefulness for me. He wants me to leave a mark in History and share in the Honour and the Glory that is also in Him. For By His Words I have been sanctified and I made one with Him to the glory and honour of His Holy Name. (Hebrew 12:2/Matthew 16:24-27)

His Love is a strong tower that we can take refuge in; it is a beacon of Hope for us to lean on even in our darkest hour, we are never alone. Let us rejoice for the Calling of Our God is magnificent and even the Angels admire the work of Spirit of Faith and wonder about such a great love that God has towards us,  His children of Faith, the children of Christ. For we are born of God and we belong to God. So let it be declared through all generations, “God is our Beacon of Hope, The Light for our Nations, the Banner of Victory for us and our families, and the giver of healing for all those that call upon in faith and grace. We will get there with God on our side and nothing will stop us because God is for us. We shall overcome all things by His Spirit in us because His Love is made perfect in Us. (Lamentations 3:24/Psalms 46/Psalms 18:1-36)

Our God is our Victor and Our Song of Joy. He is our Season of Encounter and Our Inspiration of Revelation. With Him our days are filled with light and our nights glow with hope and faith forever. And through Him we shall see the glory of many days made especially for us. Amen. (Psalms 23/Psalms 35:27)

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