Find Healing for your soul


Forgiveness is like the light for your heart. But Light is not light till you turn it on. The weight will never get lighter unless you choose to take it off and put it down. Hence, forgiveness is not forgiveness until you really forgive and let go of that hurt and bitterness in your heart. Let go of the weight of unforgiveness and bitterness. This may mean that you find the time to sit down and pray to God. Just like there is time for good things in life, there is time for healing. The initiatives you take toward your healing and joy should naturally come from your heart. No one who is led by the Spirit would choose division over peace but only the heart that is blinded by pride. If you are one that profess yourself to be a believer in Christ; follow Christ’s example and choose peace by His Spirit. There is one thing certain with God that is God can do the impossible and heal any heart because He is after our heart. God wants to heal us and He wants us to be free of the chains of darkness. If you choose God’s forgiveness then your healing shall break forth like the morning sun. You see God responds to the heart that is responsive to him. If you choose to be free and forgive those who have offended you, immediately as soon as you do this and declare it by faith, the process of healing begins and your deliverance is at hand. The deliverance of God is accompanied by great joy and unspeakable peace. I don’t know about you but when my heart is in the place of total peace, I would not trade it for a cheap argument. The initiative of forgiveness brings great blessings to those who release forgiveness from their heart.

In the very day and hour that you finally forgive all your offenders, you will feel a weight come off you. It may not be an immediate effect for some but it will surely happen.There is one thing that you also need to know, that when you first release forgiveness from your heart unforgiveness and bitterness will be awakened to put up one last stand to hold their ground and pin you down. And just like any ugly enemy they will never go down or be put out without a fight. This ugly hate and bitterness within you will be stirred up and will try to make that decision of forgiveness much harder for you and make you feel that it was better not even thinking about it rather than to confront it and be faced with this dilemma. The battle for your heart is heightened and the decision of forgiveness becomes hard for you to accept. BUT have faith and press on through the process. When you push through the cloud you will see the sun and you will soar above those dark clouds with healing in your wings.

And if ever you feel yourself drifting into that old rotten place of unforgiveness immediately recognise it and use the power of your tongue to confess and declare boldly the power of forgiveness that comes for the Spirit to overcome. The more you forgive the more you will become stronger and the easier it will get for you until you become rock-solid and stronger than the stone of unforgiveness itself. In order to achieve something you must take the first step towards it. This same truth is also found with healing; in order to achieve your healing you must take the first step toward it by believing you can be free and declaring forgiveness.

I urge you with all my heart that once you are free, endeavour to be free of the ungodly bile of unforgiveness. Because the Truth that Jesus declared is for all of us, “Where your heart is, is where your treasures lie.” So ask yourself this question, “What treasures am I storing up for me in my heart?” To store up evil is to destroy you. Likewise, to store up unforgiveness will only burden you and eventually destroy you. Be free of it and fill your heart with the joy of God today. May God give you the strength to overcome. Because God loves you He will always be there for you to help you.

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