Find Healing for your soul


One trait of the peacemaker is that he is able to initiate the process of forgiveness by giving and receiving forgiveness. If you are caught up in a tight situation and are unable to forgive those who have hurt you, you will not experience the peace of the peacemaker until you become the peacemaker yourself. In any argument the true winner is this; that the one who chooses to forgive by either giving it or asking for it, is above his offender. He has won a far greater victory within by freeing his heart from the bitterness of unforgiveness.

The fruit of peace is oneness of the heart and a heart in one-piece is a sound heart. Which is better to have? A broken heart filled with bitterness or a sound heart filled with peace? Why build unforgiveness in your heart because of a senseless argument that leads to division and destruction. Families are torn apart by unforgiveness and bitterness. But if you have the heart of God then you have the heart of the peace maker. God’s favour and glory will flourish in him who possesses the heart of peace; for Christ is peace. For the Love and forgiveness of God overcomes all fleshy wars and divisions and fills you with the Will of the Spirit of life. It is as simple as this, walk in forgiveness and you walk in the victory of God. The righteous man has forgiveness in heart and his blessings will never be taken away from him. The victory of the righteous is marked by God himself, written and remembered in Heaven before His Holy angels. This is one of God’s many crowns that He will give to those who have forgiven and found peace; yes, to those who have listened to the voice of the Spirit and walked after peace and have united their hearts with the Father of Glory. Blessed are those who forgive for their Father in Heaven has also forgiven them and will grant them goodness, mercy and prosperity all the days of their lives, according to his good pleasures. Amen!

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