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 Imagine your heart is like a bucket before the Throne of the LORD GOD. Now forgiving someone is like trying to clean out that bucket because the filth of unforgiveness, bitterness, and hate fills it. This is the unwanted garbage that get deposited into it, that we don’t like to deal with. If this dirt sits in the bucket the longer it stays there it will begin to give off and awful smell and the stench itself will not be pleasing to the LORD and even to those around you. No one likes bad smell and evil stored in the heart is a spiritual bad smell. So what can we do to clean out this unwanted filth? Well what would you do if someone told you to clean your bucket up and how would you go about doing this? Of course you will have to wash out the bucket with water and a bit of detergent or soap to get it clean. Now imagine that you began filling that bucket with clean, fast flowing water to flush it out. The contents of the bucket would rise to the top and overflow out of the bucket. So that’s what happens when you first begin the process of forgiveness. All that ugliness rises to the surface but doesn’t stay there, if you keep on with the process, they will overflow out of the bucket. The more you flush the bucket the more stuff comes out till there is nothing left to flush out. So all you get is clean water. Now you add a bit of cleaning detergent to scrub it out and wash it clean and now you have a clean, nice, fresh smelling bucket before the LORD. That’s what happens when you put good things into your heart. Your confession of forgiveness and blessing cleanses you and sets you free from the filth of unforgiveness and bitterness. But if you hold onto your unforgiveness and bitterness it is like filling the same bucket with more filth and so what overflows out of your mouth is only filth which does not give off a pleasing incense before the LORD. I hope that this parable helps you see the picture of what unforgiveness does to your heart and your life. Purge your heart clean today by setting it right before the LORD and ask him to help you forgive those who have offended you.

Count no man’s sin and God will not count your sins. On the day of Judgement when the time comes for the LORD to reward you He will not reward you according to your sins but according how many times you were able to overcome. He will reward you for your forgiveness and not for your unforgiveness. Unforgiveness has no reward before the LORD and those who hold it in their heart miss out on the Father’s Love. The only reward of unforgiveness before the Throne of our God is the lake of eternal fire. This sounds scary, but let me give you a simple picture to help you understand. What we don’t want we usually throw away in the fire to be burnt and destroyed. Christ who was able to forgive others on the cross, laid His life down for us and God redeemed Him and gave Him the place Glory. The same Christ speaks to our hearts to forgive and find victory in the finished work of His cross and resurrection. Don’t miss out on the Father’s love instead set yourself right before the LORD today and be free of the chains of unforgiveness. Forgiveness protects you and your blessing from being taken from you and given to someone else.

If you dwell in past hurts it means you still carry unforgiveness in your heart.  Don’t let its roots grow deep within you. Uproot it while it is still young and its roots a little and you will not have to worry about it growing into a huge tree. For from the belly of unforgiveness comes all forms of hate that can destroy you. I urge you by the Spirit of God to respond to God’s call to today to forgive those who have done wrong to you. Let him speak to your heart and take the step towards your healing and freedom right now. Don’t wait till the sun sets on you. Otherwise you may regret that the one whom you had a grudge against was really the one you loved dearly in your heart but because of your pride you could not let go of the offence. When you have finally forgiven then you are on the road to complete freedom and prosperity. You see forgiveness sets you free from the bitterness that grips your heart and soul and makes you unfruitful. Yes, it may be difficult to wash your heart clean from the bile of bitterness and hate but the more you clean the cleaner it will become. Forgiveness is a constant process to keep your heart in check that it does not slide again into the darkness that once gripped and blinded you from your blessing. Take that courageous step to cross that river of unforgiveness because your blessings await you on the other side. And may the God of peace give you the grace and strength to forgive and fill you with an abundance of love and joy so that your life may flourish and your blessings will always be with you.


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