Keep your head and heart going in the right direction and you will not have to worry about your feet.”
…Dr Myles Munroe

It’s a hard climb when we can’t see the top of the mountain and for some just thinking about climbing is already even harder. But think about it this way. Every life has a mountain top and so the only way to get there is going up to it. There is always new energy that lies in our hearts to take us one step close to our mountain top. You cannot see your next horizon until you have climbed to the top. Why should we climb? Because we have a reason to. Our first and foremost reason is hidden in what lies at the top of that hill. You are the one who will build the ability within you to conquer your own mountain. You alone have the formula for success and you do this by believing in your dreams and living everyday for your dreams. If you are reckless with your desires you will only reap the fruits of your recklessness. So what is the correct way to live? To be careful for nothing but in all your ways give thanks to the Lord. Trust in God with all your heart and He shall make all your desires come to pass.

I remember working hard all day and wondering if I would get through the day alive or some unfortunate incident would eventually knock me out. I began to constantly pray in every moment of stress or difficulty. And at the setting sun I would sit down and take a deep breath and realise how grateful I was to see that sunset. That very sunset was beautiful and gave me peace to face my tomorrow. I would rise in the morning keeping a focussed mind to get through the day and just when I felt like giving up the desire to see that sunset kept me going till the end of the day. I would work hard with all my heart knowing that at the end of the day God’s grace was upon me to bring me all the way to the end so that I could see that sunset. It didn’t matter what happened to me because I knew my inspiration waited for me at the close of the day. A divine peace would surge through my being and a deep assurance would set in my heart to lift my spirit. And I knew there and then everything was ok because I was in God’s hands. I learnt that my faith could take me a long way if I kept encountering His peace like this. This peace could take me not just another mile but hundreds of miles past the dark valley of struggle and safely into green pastures. Just like me, in every heart there is the will to survive and be free. When you have found peace at the end of each day you have reached your horizon of blessing. But once you get there the next horizon awaits you to conquer. As you go from horizon to horizon you go from strength to strength.

You must reach your horizon so that you can look beyond to the next horizon. Just as there is no end to your horizons there are no limits to your possibilities. The possibilities towards a successful life are endless and they are also achievable. The only thing to do is to take one step at time, place one foot before the other, till you reach your horizon. The moment we stop planning for success we become stale and too comfortable with it that we allow ignorance to lead us into a wrong path. Going down the mountain sounds easier but it will never lead you to your mountain top. There is only way to the top and it is up.

Ambition without goals is like having eyes without vision. A mentor with vision is better than a leader without direction; because vision is direction. Wisdom uses vision to guide you just as your eyes behold the path for you to walk on. From vision comes the insight to gather ones heart to achieve the goal set before him. Every great journey is achieved with little steps.

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