The Anointing

The Anointing

The anointing is precious before the LORD. Respect it and it will never leave you.
It is like a bag or basket full of fruits. Trust in the LORD with all of your heart and soul and mind and strength and He will show you what to do with that basket of fruits. He will show you where to plant your next seed.

When the LORD used the words, be of good courage or be courageous, He was referring also to the anointing and call of God on your life. He was speaking directly to that anointing in you; to dig deep in God and hold fast, for the anointing to be released in a mighty way. You see Joshua’s anointing was to lead the Israelites into the Promise Land and to conquer it for them. He had the backing of God only if He and the Israelites remained faithful and obedient in God. The anointing speaks your calling and purpose, like David was anointed to be king of Israel.

That is the same with us today and the anointing or calling of the Holy Spirit upon our lives. If we are to see the Call of God on our lives fulfilled we must be faithful and obedient to God till He performs every spoken word both known and unknown to us, all to the glory of His Holy Name.

The anointing you have received from the Holy Spirit will be with you at night and keep your heart, mind and soul; it will teach you and show you the way if you are very willing, and by this I mean if you will pray to the LORD always and seek His face so that He may show you many things and also lead the way. The LORD wants to show you wondrous and marvellous things that you have not yet heard, seen or known.

The working of the anointing is to benefit all those who have been marked to benefit from it. The blessing of the anointing was already set before our time even existed. For God had marked the things of God for the poor/meek in spirit, that the humble in heart may receive a great inheritance from the LORD. The purpose of the anointing was already established in God before the foundations of the world were laid.

The anointing is released in many ways but all is done through the working of the same Powerful Holy Spirit of God. Learn the Words and wisdom of Christ for it is truth; learn God’s word through meditating on it. Because this is the foundation from which the Holy Spirit works effectively. He, the Holy Spirit, our Teacher and Comforter will teach you and show you many things from the Word.

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