God gave me a Word tonight. And it was this: A DIVINE WORD FROM GOD + A DIVINE ACTION FROM US (Our Faith) = DIVINE RESULTS. God also showed me that you and I must pray our blessing down from Heaven into our lives (May God’s Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven), literally and then go into prayer for the next hour or so allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to deliver the miracles and blessings to us, even through His Angels. This is how Heaven operates. I believe that when we position ourselves for favour it takes only faith to receive the spiritual things from God. Nothing else qualifies. Prayer is positioning yourself to receive STRAIGHT AWAY. This “immediate effect” of prayers will only happen when our prayers widen the channels of our faith for the Holy Spirit to deliver Malachi 3:10 and Eph 3:20.

AN OVERFLOW IN THE SPIRIT RESULTS IN INSTANT MANIFESTATIONS IN THE NATURAL. This how Our Jesus Christ Operated. We can also flow in these INSTANT RESULTS because He already gave us the Keys of the Kingdom and the Holy Spirit to receive all that we ask and beyond for Kingdom purposes. The lesson is this, don’t just pray down something and leave it to the Holy Spirit to try to deliver it, You also participate by praying to allow the delivery process to be complete. Prayer is like the phone, if you hang up too early the delivery process will stop and the overflow from the Supernatural will not burst IMMEDIATE RESULTS in the natural. The Key is your PRAYER and what is prayer, it is PUTTING GOD’S WORD ON YOUR LIPS.

THE ONLY PLACE THAT THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD CAN REST UPON IS THE WORD IN OUR FLESH. Keep the line of prayer open believe me you will see results within the next 24 hours.

May the LORD bless His Word in your heart

Brother Norman

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