PHOTO: Courtesy of Darshiney Sinebare
PHOTO: Courtesy of Darshini Sinebare

Progress is marked by your achievements. The energy of achievement is pure determination directed towards only the outcome. The influence you have is measured by the outcomes you have pursued and reached. Why, because your perseverance produces experience which determines your level of influence.

Favour on the other hand leans on the size of the vision you carry within you. No vision is ever achieved without some form of hardship; either big or small. The strength and fulfilment of your vision lies in your discipline for it. Discipline includes calculated measures and set goals that help in driving you forward toward your desired outcome which is the fulfilment of your vision.

Simply put, every step taken upward, that leads to the top will eventually get you to the top. To every positive side of vision there is a negative vision that seeks to destroy the foundation and fruits of progress. In other words, your mindset plays a big part in you experiencing progress and in you achieving your vision. Be sold out for your vision; be positive with every step you take; be precise about your choices and you will get the results you want.  Coupled with this, every small step taken with a sincere heart delivers unexpected favour from God to urge you on.

Be honest, genuine, humble and helpful on your way up and you will have many hands to catch you if ever you fall down.

Good progress requires both discipline and priority. Discipline without priority is to work too hard but not smart and thus makes the task tedious and stressful. The power and grip of discipline and determination are enhanced when priorities are established. How quick and effective you reach your desired goal or vision depends on how well you prioritise and how disciplined you were in implementing your priorities.

Prioritising does not mean to neglect but to distribute your energy according to your ability and strength from the most significant or heaviest task to the least or lightest of tasks. Also, the significance of the outcome bearing on you will influence your decision and determine your priorities. And to be persistent with it means to move forward and not be stuck in one place.

Time is a valuable resource even for your vision, that is, when you need to be productive and disciplined for your vision. That is why prioritizing helps group your activities from non-productive to most-productive. The more time given to non-productive activities, the less opportunities are presented to be able to see yourself grow and to see your vision fulfilled. Procrastination is a non-productivity activity which does not serve the purpose of your vision but perhaps the purpose of your need to rest and re-gather your thoughts. But to defer your hope is to make you more sick about not getting something done:

Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but [when] the desire cometh, [it is] a tree of life.

Hence, discipline is paramount in exerting progress and in driving your ship toward success.

Inward productivity brings inward success and later manifests outwardly. But your inward success and joy depends totally on your receptiveness for outward productivity; in prioritising and disciplining yourself for the outcome you want. This is what I call embracing the vision till it becomes a reality.

Your creativity and your best are both unleashed in your persistence and discipline for productivity. Simple put practice makes perfect. And you will not need to take unnecessary risks if you are deliberate in your approach toward your vision. And with every priority you set let the LOVE OF GOD be your highest priority above all. God bless!


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