I have been receiving some good wisdom from the Holy Spirit and the recent one amazed more. I love when God speaks because it is always filled with peace, assurance, encouragement and instruction; anything other than this is not God. So here’s what God’s Spirit told me:

1.”YOU ARE YOUR INFLUENCE”. That’s right your IDENTITY reveals the influence you have on others. If you are president of a nation than that is the influence you have.

2.”YOUR INFLUENCE IS FOUNDED ON THE VISION YOU CARRY”. How big is your vision? If you don’t have one then you don’t have direction and purpose. VISION is the main key of purpose and the mother of motivation. Everyone has vision. How do I know that? Through your thoughts. You are only limited by what you can imagine and create in your spirit.

3. “YOUR VISION RESTS UPON THE FAITH YOU HAVE FOR IT”. You are only limited by what you believe in. If you believe in what you see you will eventually become it.

The bigger your vision the bigger the influence you have on life and on others.

4.”WHEN GOD GIVES YOU A VISION HE GIVES YOU IDEAS TO FULFILL THE PURPOSES OF THAT VISION”. So never disregard the ideas that come to you. They are GEMS OF WISDOM, INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUCCESS, revealed from the doors of opportunities that lay along the path that leads the fulfilment of your vision. IDEAS can come in many different ways and forms so be receptive all the time for them.

5.”HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF SUCCESS FOR YOUR VISION”. Never say never until you are done. Never take no for an answer within yourself. Be humble in your pursuit for happiness and joy. Learn to serve with all your heart. And love the LORD GOD and YOUR NEIGHBOUR as God has commanded us to.

These are the precious KEYS OF WISDOM I pass on to you my dear readers. If you want to find out how far you are from your own success look to your vision and let it be your guiding light.

God bless you all,

Norman Sabadi

Friday 27 December 2013

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