PHOTO: Courtesy of Darshiney Sinebare
PHOTO: Courtesy of Darshiney Sinebare

What makes a flower beautiful? …Before you read on to the next paragraph, pause and take a moment to answer this question for yourself. You’ll be amazed by what comes out of the answer you gave.

—– —– ——

I asked my nephew, one morning, what makes a flower beautiful? It took him a while to answer as he was really thinking, what my point was in asking him this simple but strangely posed question. He knew it had to be he’s best three answers as per my instructions. I waited curiously for his answer.

He looked at me and said, “Uncle, the shape of the flower…the colour of the flower, and the structure of the flower, by this I mean what the flower is made of.” Now it was his turn to be curious, what would I reply in response to his well thought out answer.

I looked at him with a smile, “good answer boy! That flower is you; the way you answered this question is specific to you and has wisdom for you.

Here’s why I asked you that question. Your description of the flower is the same answer you apply to your life. What kind of body-soul-spirit shape would you like to portray to others, or what is your life shaped by, what shape is it taking? Is it the shape of defeat and regret or motivation and direction? What is the shape you want?

What is the colour of your life? Be it your love life, your work life, your social life, your life in God and so forth? What kind of colour are you displaying in your life? Is it depression, bitterness and lack, or is it victory, joy, peace and love. The colour you showcase on the outside is what is on the inside of you. Have you taken the time to colour up your life? Do you think your life is colourful enough; are you happy where you are right now?

And last but not the least, what is the structure of your life? You are made of power packed elements of God; love, faith, hope, determination, courage, blessedness, peace, assurance, wisdom and knowledge. But is your structure crumbling because you lack the wisdom for a prosperous, abundant and successful life. Also what are you building the structure of your life on; what is your foundation? Is it God or is it the world?

If you have determined that these are the three main attributes of what makes a flower beautiful then you are not far off from discovering what you can do to make your life beautiful? Just take the blueprint-answer of the flower and paste it into your life. Notice, from your answer, that every flower is unique by its own shape, colour, and structure. So also is your life; it is unique and special made up by its own shape, colour and structure. Want a beautiful life? Then, look no further than the lesson of the beautiful flower and apply it to your life. Like the flower, life and nature reveal wisdom waiting for us to discover and apply to our lives”…My nephew smiled in utter amazement, “Uncle, you’re really good at this! I had no clue I was about to learn a valuable lesson. Thanks uncle”.

Now the answer to this question varies from person to person, hence the reason why I asked you to answer it before you read on and the amazing fact about this is that just as all answers are unique so also are all flowers uniquely created. When I asked my wife the same question her answer was, “You water it, nurture it and love it!” What a good answer, and that is the answer-blueprint that she can apply to her life. She must water it, nurture it, and love it with the right kind of things and the good and honourable things that God provides for her to see that beauty blossom on the inside and outside.

Again, whatever your answer is, it’s a good answer because it is the obvious signal-indicator that you are not far from discovering the solution and instruction to your own life’s true beauty; on the inside and outside.


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