Once I have written for you

Shall I write again?

Be it a tale that adventure should unveil,

Or a twist in my fading glory,

This earthen vessel

Yet with sincerity, I grasp this life giving water

A fountain of youth it is

From the wells of wisdom and wonder springs forth inspiration, oh inspiration

To my mellow self it is but a true friend,

Never denying, never backing away

While I was yet formed in my mother’s womb

Inspiration stood to welcome me into this world

A sense of unpredictable destruction preyed in the unseen hour to consume me

An element sort my annihilation

But, inspiration was ordained to stand by me

And destiny voiced her decree,

The warrior has come by the Spirit

Untouched for Heaven’s purpose

I was sent unknown to myself

Yet within me, a call so great drew my heart to its cause

Like Jesus, I uttered those momentous words firmly

For this cause came I unto this hour

Beauty beheld me

While yet my frame was formed

Beauty beheld me

When time nodded, I came forth and laughter and joyful tears filled the air

Was it shepherds that waited my appearing?

Did wise men seek out my tender soul?

Yet purity from Heaven left its glory on me

As I embarked on this journey

Earth being my valley and Heaven being my King’s table

I set my course upon the King of all kings

My blissful self then discovers His passion

I go forth and become all that He has written about me

Destiny being my decree,

My guard

Oh Destiny, the seal upon my life

Oh Destiny, the Father’s love unfeigned

Then shall my race end

Honour unmatched shall welcome me home

When I have finally accomplished all that He has sent me to do

His anointing was my ordination

Now it has become my crown

My father opens His arms and embraces me

I am home at last

I am home at last


Norman Sabadi

Sunday 29-11-2015


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