About Author

Brother Norman Sabadi is the Senior Pastor and Co-founders of “THE PLACE WHERE HE SPEAKS” Ministry 2015.

Establishing a strong belief in the Word of God and walking after the Holy Spirit, revivalist Norman Sabadi continues to bring forth the message of the love of God wherever he travels.

Norman makes a point that, “It’s a wonder if the Church really believes in its own message anymore, or is it really a lack of fellowship with God? Where is the love for God and a true heart of worship to God?.” In making this bold statement Norman affirms that the Christian life is not boring but exciting and one filled with liberty and freedom in the Holy Ghost. Norman’s messages have inspired and transformed many lives and he continues to do so by the grace of God, “for as long as there is breath in me”.

Intimate relationship with God is the foundation for growth in Christ. The Church needs to return to this and build on the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ being the corner stone.


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